General Rules for the Instant Publisher Panels

• Each publisher panel requires a valid PayPal email address, which will be used on receiving the earnings.
• The PP email used at panel creation can not be changed later because it is used for account identification.
• The minimum amount to cashout is $10, there is no maximum, meaning that the earnings could accumulate indefinitely.
• Any instant panel is declared "staled" if no traffic / impressions have been received for 3 consecutive days.
• Every "staled" account will get scheduled for deletion (after 3 days) if the minimum payment to cashout has not been meet and the traffic is not flowing.

Usage & Knowhow for the Instant Traffic Monetization Panels

• A PP email once used for a publisher panel creation can not be used for generating other panels.
• Each monetization panel benefits from instant stats for traffic reporting with geo, proxy and quality filters.
• The monetization can be done by "Direct Link" (for traffic redirect) and/or "Embed Js Code" (for regular html pages).
• Each publisher panel is subject of a daily bonus (extra earnings) for traffic quality over 90%.
• The instant earnings and payment history are displayed on each of the Publisher Monetization Panels.
• Abusing the system in any ways leads to permanent ban.