5k Advertisers

Easy and Powerful Brand Advertising
Live campaigns in a matter of seconds

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  • Discover ways of reaching your target audience by using 5k advertiser account.
  • All campaigns are activated at creation time as long as the account wallet has been funded with a minimum of $25.
  • Real time counters will show the traffic delivery per campaign.

5k Ads Network

StandAlone Ad Network Engine / Script
Real time reports on an easy to use admin interface

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  • Support ad formats such as pop-up, pop-under and re-direct links without any database usage for a low server loads and easy traffic flow.
  • Traffic filters and management for an unlimited number of advertisers and publishers panels.
  • Real time stats for all panels and admin area with unsold traffic management and ASN filters.

5k Publishers

Monetize Web and Mobile Traffic for Daily Profits
Get paid to display popunder and overlay or redirect

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  • Boost your daily income by using 5k publishers' Panels to display a paid popunder on all your web pages.
  • It is possible to show only ads which are most relevant to your site content.
  • Earn revenue from each 1k (one thousand) pop-up ads displayed in your pages.
5k for Advertisers and Publishers

One unblockable PopUp or PopUnder does wonders to everyone
... flawless ads delivery via 5k platform ...

Full Control

There is full control over campaigns, both for mobiles and desktops, with the ability to chose when to start, pause or stop it.

Live Support (8h)

A specialist is online daily to answer your questions and to offer dedicated support via an instant messenger client.

Daily Info & Payments

A specialist is online daily to answer your questions and to offer dedicated support via an instant messenger client.

Real Time Stats

Most of the detailed stats are updated in real time and can be monitored as campaigns or revenue progress.

Multiple Options Targeting

Maximum income for all participants by powerful targeting tools : GEO, Device, Browser, OS, Ad Type

Proxy / ASN / Bot Filters

Various anti-fraud tools for detecting, preventing and penalizing useless traffic and fake impressions

Unblockable ad codes

Automatic ad code generator with dynamic behaviour for direct links, pop-under and pop-up ads

WordPress Plugin

Easy ad code integration via the downloadable plugin for WordPress fans world wide